Thursday, April 19, 2012

Justice for Marissa Alexander


PLEASE SIGN PETITION BELOW AND FORWARD TO YOUR NETWORKS AND FRIENDS: Urge them to stand for justice for all women in violent and abusive relationships!

 Sign the PETITION (see link below) to bring justice for Marissa Alexander, a victim of domestic violence who did not shoot or kill anyone! She was victimized by a violent husband and victimized again and again by subsequent systems that should have protected her! Nine days after delivering a premature baby (I can imagine why) her husband attacked her again, beating and choking her. She tried to escape the house but couldn't get out. She had an Order of Protection against him for previous violent attacks while she was pregnant and he was not suppose to be in her home.  As he tried to attack her again, she was able to fire a warning shot into the ceiling to warn him off and he fled.  In a previous assault by her husband, the violence was so brutal, Marissa was hospitalized and he was arrested. There is a documented history of domestic violence! She has been locked up since that day in August 2010!!!

Her estranged husband admitted that he was the aggressor and was so angry at her that he did not know what he would do! The Judge in this case determined that "she had a duty to retreat"! WTH!! Learn the facts for yourself. Please, sign and bring attention to this case.  Click on the link below. You will be taken to the Petition Page and Case information for review. This attrocity cannot stand!

Sign and pass on the Petition to bring Justice for Marissa Alexander!! Click Link:   Stand Your Ground Marissa Alexander: Letter Template to the Judge: April XX, 2012 Judge James Daniel Division: CR-G Room: 208 330 E. Bay St Jacksonville, FL 32202 Re: Marissa Alexander – Case Number 2010-CF-8579

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  1. This is such a miscarriage of justice. I am not sure what to make of it. Is it because its Black-on-Black?...because that is what Marissa and her "victim" husband are? Is it because she is a woman? What? Who is 'Stand Your Ground' really for??


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