Monday, July 9, 2012

For sale: Girls and women, on | Editorials - The News Tribune

For sale: Girls and women, on | Editorials - The News Tribune

Girls and women are advertised for sale on that is owned by Village Voice Media.
Village Voice hides behind the First Amendment to participate in and profit from the sale of girls and women for sex. Village Voice Media promotes pimping and human trafficking on another level.

One such Ad on backpage says, "Mature, college educated professional seeking a girl or woman for Adult Fun.  Any age or body type." Instead of saying "payment" some will say "donations"  SMDH!

Backpage does not require any confirmation that the females being sold on its pages are actually adults.  "Far too often, they turn out to be girls, many of them virtual slaves to pimps and human traffickers who are forced into prostitution. Far too often, girls and women alike become prey to criminals who find them on"  Some of these girls and women have never been seen again.

The Legislature is moving to create a new felony, “Advertising commercial sexual abuse of a minor.”

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A brutal – and typical – example is the case of Julian Tarver, a serial rapist who was sentenced to 14  years in Feb of 2012 in King County. He trolled for victims; when prostitutes arrived at his apartment, he’d impersonate a police officer, handcuff them and force himself upon them.
Two of the females he raped were 15-year-old girls – both advertised on

Sign the Petition started by a 13 year old girl and her mom who are compelled to face-off with Village Voice Media to take down their sexual ads of girls.   CLICK THIS LINK TO SIGN THE PETITION:

I am sure there is more to come on this one!

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