Saturday, September 29, 2012

Domestic Violence: THREE WOMEN MURDERED by estranged boyfriend


Carlene Pierre, who authorities say was shot and killed by her estranged boyfriend on Sept. 27, 2012, pictured with her two oldest children.

Click link to Orlando Sentinel story....   Slain hotel clerk feared estranged boyfriend would kill her

Carlene Pierre, pictured above with her two oldest children was murdered September 27, 2012, by her estranged boyfriend Michelet Polynice. Carlene was a 28-year-old mother and hotel employee.

Michelet Polynice, 33, is accused of killing two women and injuring a third, then commiting suicide.
Michelet Polynice age 33
This murderer (Polynice), a documented abuser of women, took his hate of women several steps further...he not only murdered Carlene, his former girlfriend but he also murdered another woman who was with Carlene and minutes later, he then drove to another hotel in the area and murdered Carlene's best friend!!  He murdered three women! 

To talk about domestic violence being a "mean thing", is an understatement!

It is estimated that 3 women die each day in this country due to domestic violence.

As you can imagine, Carlene daily feared for her life as she attempted to break off her relationship with violent partner, Polynice, age 33.  Carlene told people around her that she was extremely afraid of what he (Polynice) might do to her. She told people, "He is going to kill me".

The Orlando Sentinel states Carlene, "Told authorities two weeks ago her estranged boyfriend — a man with a long history of violence against several women — choked, punched and threatened to kill her. She was afraid he wouldn't stop until she was dead"... She was right... he did not stop until she was dead.

Carlene obtained a Domestic Violence Injunction against Polynice on September 12, 2012, writing, "He is very jealous, very controlling, he has a temper, anything will set him off and he will start hitting me"  "I am very afraid for my life."

I don't understand why Polynice was not in jail for the previous violent assaults given the fact that he tried to run her over with his car just the night before! As well, he has a lengthy history of violence against multiple women!

As Police chased him, Polynice killed himself following the murder of Carlene and 2 others. I am certain the other women who did escape Polynice, feel relief and quite blessed.

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