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Rape, Murder, Military and Coverup - ISeeNews: Abuse of Women in US Military - PFC LaVena Johnson - T...

Warning: Some images in the ISeeNews youtube video are graphic.

Rape, Murder, Military and Coverup

The words, Military + Rape + Murder + Cover Up should not even go together in the same sentence; or, should they and it's just my naiveté?  In any case, like me, there are people who want to know about the death of 19 year old PFC LaVena Lynn Johnson who died in Iraq in 2005.  This issue is not just about the shadowy and cloaked circumstances of LaVena's case which unfortunately is just one of many -- it's also about us as American citizens. 

From 2005 to present day, LaVena's death remains embedded in the hearts and minds of those who love her most. Her parents will not 'stand down' and have sustained a vocal and vigilent campaign seeking justice.  As American citizens, we need to be outraged and demand answers as to why LaVena Johnson's brutal death was ruled a 'suicide' by the Military.  This heartbreaking story without an end in sight is alive and not going anywhere. This is just one of many stories that the military hopes will just go away. 

LaVena was a world away in Iraq fighting for her country in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Sadly and shamefully her death did not come at the hands or acts of combating forces but came at the hands of those she fought along side. The Office of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner said her death was a 'suicide'.  Well...LaVena's dead body told a very different story.

In addition to a gun shot wound to the head, there was evidence of a sexual assault, she had a broken nose, loose and knocked out teeth, bite marks, facial abrasions, dislocated shoulder, acid burns on her genitals and her body was set on fire. AND, as for the gun shot, there was no bullet or bullet casing at the scene--WTH!!  "Suicide??" -- that is insulting to say the least.

I am shocked to learn that the issue of sexual assaults, murder and the military is quite old, however, is inching further and further into the light.  American citizens need to know what happened to this young woman. We need to know who is responsible for her death and why did the military rule this a  suicide?  Is the U.S. Army protecting individuals and covering up a brutal rape and murder?

Given the savagery and viciousness of LaVena's death, I find it hard to fathom that the military actually believed they could simply say her death was 'self inflicted' and folks would accept it and just walk away. Unbelievable!!

More to come!

Youtube video: ISeeNews - March 2012. The Silent Truth

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