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Girls Tell Horrific Stories At Trial Of Pimp Known As ‘P Child’ « CBS Chicago


Datqunn Sawyer

 CLICK LINK:   Girls Tell Horrific Stories At Trial Of Pimp Known As ‘P Child’ « CBS Chicago

In April 2012, Datqunn Sawyer aka P Child was sentenced in federal court to 50 years in prison on multiple sex trafficking convictions he received in November 2011.

Sawyer, also a rapper known as P Child, beat, pimped, threatened and branded girls  ages 12 to 19 with the names he gave them. After his own P Child nickname, each was given a name he chose that started with a "P" including Precious, Paradise, Pooh, Peaches.

Chicago Tribune Reporter Annie Sweeney states:  One of his alleged prostitutes, a 19-year-old girl who went by the name of “Pooh,” testified that when she was 12, Sawyer befriended her and took her to his apartment where he lived with at least half a dozen other girls. She saw him throw a girl down a set of stairs, breaking her arm, she said.  Sawyer sold the girls dreams with promises of love, care and bright futures that quickly turned to nightmares.

Pooh, whose real name is Angelique, was soon put on the streets to prostitute. Her quota – was to service (have sex) with five to 15 men every day, she testified.  Pooh stated that when she had a “good day,” she said she was rewarded with McDonald’s.

The Reporter goes on to detail that Sawyer impregnated 3 of the girls:  Shawna, known as "Peaches", was pregnant with Sawyer's baby and was shown in a surveillance video wearing a strapless, colorful shirt pulled over her large, pregnant belly, shorts hugging her upper thighs. She was pregnant with Sawyer’s baby as she looked to turn tricks, she said, at his demand. “My ankles were hurting. I was tired, it was hot,” the doe-eyed Shawna testified. “We didn’t have no food. I needed to eat. So I needed to work.”

Observers state that Sawyer cried and sobbed throughout as he told the Judge he never knew that some of the victims were minors.  Sadly, Sawyer's supporters blamed the victims for the criminal and inhumane acts Sawyer committed against them.

These girls are somebody's daughters. Many questions come to mind as to how something like "Sawyer" was even able to get his hands on them and keep them....Hummm, "Family", or should I say some families are not what family use to be huh?
That is a whole-nother discussion.

The 50 year sentence Sawyer received was thought to be the harshest sentence handed down to date for sex trafficking.

 Fast-forward to November, 2012 and another (Alex "Cowboy" Campbell) gets a Life Sentence.
Dare I believe the system is finally saying you can't do this to our children?
Does this apply to all traffickers? Let's hope so!

more to come


  1. now if something can be done about police killing our kids

  2. Thanks for your response. I agree. We have so many problems and challenges on so many fronts. It's on us all to unite and be consistent and vigilant in holding Police accountable for unjustly killing and targeting poor and minority citizens. Simultaneously we must speak out against trafficking and hold accountable those among us who are targeting and selling our daughters.


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