Sunday, September 9, 2012

Native American women - Staggering Sexual Violence numbers!


MUST READ: - Sexual violence is tearing Native American communities apart

Sexual violence against ALL women is at epidemic proportions! One in 4 to 6 women depending on the population...however, ONE IN EVERY THREE NATIVE AMERICAN WOMEN REPORT THEY HAVE BEEN RAPED OR SEXUALLY ASSAULTED!! 

"That is more than 2.5 times the national average. And if you think those numbers are staggering, consider who is carrying out these attacks: at least 86% of sexual assaults are reportedly being perpetrated by non-Native men, according to the US Department of Justice".
The CRAZY part to this is that these non-Native men will not be held accountable for their assaults on Native women!  The new revised, diluted, selective victim VAWA will make sure these men will not be held accountable. There is NO Justice for these victims without the "Real" VAWA passed, the SENATE version of VAWA.

Click this link to see this New York Times story.... one out of every three Native American women

To allow such trauma and injustice against ANY woman is an assault against us all.

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  1. Excuse me, but why is this happening to so many NA women? Don't they live in more secluded reservations? How do are these crimes happening? the link on this page is not found, according to the source website.

    1. Thank you for your post and questions! What you state in your question..."Don't they live in more secluded reservations?" is exactly ONE of the primary reasons Native American women are violated and abused at the level they are. The rates of violence and abuse are high in isolated communities such as University and college campuses. Even more so if that community is poor and marginalized people of color. There is little concern for what happens to these women similarly as it is with women in general globally. This is outrageous and inhumane and we all should be appalled by it and take action. A highly suggestive example of the lack of concern for women is detailed in my post on the pile up of over 10,000 untested rape kits in Detroit. As for Native women, over 80% of the perpetrators of rape, violence and abuse against them is done by white males who do not live on the reservation. The link to the article is working... it is highlighted in orange at the end of the sentence that says "click this link...


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