Thursday, September 13, 2012

Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation 'Walk to End Ritual Cutting"

U.S. survivors of female genital mutilation speak at Their Voice conference in New York City

New Yorkers Walk to End Ritual Cutting of Girls | Womens eNews

She was 9 years old and her clitoris was cut off with a razor along with her external genitalia which were subsequently stitched together, leaving only an opening the size of a match stick. She was given no anesthesia.

The Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation (CAGeM) is an international nonprofit group started by African female physicians in 1998.  The physicians say that some individuals who wish to "appear neutral" on the issue use the phrase "female genital cutting".
Whatever it is called, we are working hard to eliminate it. 

In 2000, Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital reported that 227,887 females in the United States were genitally mutilated or are at risk of it, a 35 percent increase from 1990. The New York metropolitan area has the highest number, at 40,813.

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