Sunday, October 14, 2012

Domestic Violence Murders Video Tells 4 different Stories ABC News


 ABC News runs the News stories and 911 calls from FOUR different and recent domestic violence homicides.

*17 year old boy kills his mother and 15 year old sister - Texas - Boy says he had been planning on killing "her" for awhile.

*12 year old boy kills his mother's fiance - Ohio - Boy shot his mother's fiance for threatening he and his mother.

*10 year old boy kills his mother - Investigation continues

*10 year old boy kills his father - New Mexico - Child Protective Services had been to the house 7 times for reports of repeated abuse and neglect.

Click this link below for video footage and 911 calls to Police:
Texas Teen Tells 911 It Was 'Weird' to Kill His Mother and Sister - ABC News

Domestic Violence is a mean thing.

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