Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sara Kruzan: Sentenced to Life Without Parole at Age 16

Child Sex Trafficking Victim Sara Kruzan killed her violent and abusive pimp at age 16 and received a Life Without Parole Sentence.

Click this link to Free Child Sex Trafficking Victim Sara Kruzan: Child Sex Trafficking Victim Kills Pimp, http://www.freesarakruzan.org

Sara Kruzan, at age 11 was raised in chaotic dysfunction with a drug addicted mother. During a time she should have been protected and cared for, she became the "interest" of an adult male called G. G. who was also a sex trafficker. When Sara reached the age of 13, G.G. began raping and beating her. It was also at this time, he forced her into prostitution. G.G. put Sara in his "Stable" with other young girls and women who Sara says, "We were all I guess, married to him...that is how they do it".
For 3 years, Sara's mandatory daily work hours on the streets for G.G. was from 6pm to 6am 7 days a week.  Sara felt trapped in a seemingly never-ending nightmare and no body cared.

A rival of her pimp G.G. handed her a loaded gun and taunted her to kill her tormentor. For Sara, pulling the trigger seemed the only way out of her living hell...she pulled the trigger and G.G. died. That was 18 years ago in 1994 when she was arrested and sentenced to Life Without Parole at age 16.

Today at age 34, Sara educated, smart and intelligent, is acutely aware of  the dynamics of what "really" happened to her as a child and that it was wrong. She currently helps other women and girls in prison to help them deal with the abuse they suffered on the streets and in dysfunctional homes. She knows that her own lack of protections by caring adults and a history of repeated abuse and victimization as a child, is what allowed her to be easy prey for an abusive pimp and later to commit such a crime. Sara should have been protected and no one did that!

In 2010, Governor Schwarzenegger commuted her Sentence to 25years, however that still means  Sara has many more years yet to serve. Now, Governor Jerry Brown of California has the power to say "Time Served" and release Sara.

Please watch the engaging video of Sara's interview and click the link above to sign the petition to urge Gov. Brown to free Sara now.

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