Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Marissa Alexander Case: Rep. Brown vs. Angela Corey Talk on Marissa Alexander

I thought I would "gag" at the patronizing tone State Prosecutor Angela Corey used when talking to Rep. Corrine Brown regarding the case of Marissa Alexander. Corey didn't even sound genuine to me. It is just mind boggling how this woman could possibly believe she made a  "righteous" call on Marissa Alexander receiving 20 years!

This just stinks! As my grandmother use to say, "There is a dead cat on the line"! In the field of violence against women prevention, you are reminded that in too many cases, a victim's greatest challenges can come at the hands of another woman.

In this case, Marissa fought repeatedly for her own life against her husband Rico Gray, a serial abuser of women and she fought for the life of her unborn child who came pre-maturely  and now she is fighting for her freedom against the criminal justice system that should have protected her but she was met by a woman (Corey) who obviously does not like her.

Dislike for Marissa seems obvious, however I also wonder why.  Is it because Marissa is Black? Is it because she is a woman? OR is it because Corey's decisions are being challenged by supporters of Marissa?  HOW DARE US QUESTION HER!!   Here is another issue...I have also wondered why victim advocacy programs in Florida have remained so silent on this case and that it went so long before any of us knew about it. Marissa was locked up and jailed the same day the incident took place, unlike George Zimmerman who persued, shot and killed Trayvon Martin.  Are victim serving program silent out of fear? Are they being threatened into silence? If so, it would seem an abuse of power fueled by a huge ego may be in play.

Corey rants about this case being tried in the media ...I guess she thought it would slip by so she is now in the position of defending her choice to go after Marissa, however it is now seemingly with a vengence! One could think she was a "woman-hating" man, but it is more than that with her.  Corey kept talking about where the "warning shot" was fired! What difference does that really make? The bottom line remains, Marissa did not point the gun at that abusive and violent man nor anyone else! NO ONE was shot or killed and Marissa may have saved her own life against Rico Gray that day in August of 2010 and since that day she is faced with another battle that should be the concern of us all.

More to come...

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