Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Corey on Alexander Case: Get your facts straight

Corey on Alexander Case: Get your facts straight    This is bogus! Corey is as dangerous to a victim as a perpetrator is!!

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  1. Corey said most people believe that Marissa's husband was choking her and she reached over, grabbed and gun and fired a warning shot! It is shameful and sad that she would say that because I for one did not and do not believe such an outrageout story. I believe the accounts of the victim and I support that based on ALL the information including her husband's history of violence against her and previous women he was involved with; he beat her so severely while she was pregnant that he hospitalized her; To be able to beat a pregnant woman tells you something about him; She had a Restraining Order against him; One of the children (her husband's children, not hers) recanted saying he and his brother were not in the room, while the other did not. I would weight heavily what that man's children say.


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