Thursday, May 31, 2012

MAN UP! Respect & Protect Women & Girls Partnership

MAN UP! Respect and Protect Our Women and Girls!  
MAN UP! is an AMAZINGLY POWERFUL partnership in Milwaukee, WI, between a community-based domestic and sexual violence prevention agency Asha Family Services, Inc. (Asha) and Minister William Muhammad and Muhammad Mosque #3. 
This unique partnership, joined by national and local Artists, Poets, Rappers, Elected Officials, Clergy and Entertainers, convened a packed-house 'men only' meeting and Rallying March this year and along with active follow up and dialogue, momentum continues to grow!! These men are challenging social norms and each other and are bringing other men and boys to the forefront and out of silence into action with a collective voice that says  violence against women and girls is not acceptable and must stop!
Minister William Muhammad states, "This June 9, 2012 men only meeting is to educate, inform and encourage men and boys to change their thinking and galvanize in solidarity to confront and eradicate domestic and dating violence and the sexual abuse of our women and girls, by emphasizing the extreme value of the female". 
Through years of collaborative efforts with Asha, around HIV/AIDS and STDs, Min. Muhammad became increasingly grieved and appalled at the growing numbers of domestic, dating and sexual violence occurrences in the community and stepped up efforts to address this urgent concern.

'What is Allah’s (God’s) view of the female? She is the manifestation of His at...tribute of mercy to the world. She is undeserved kindness to us, for, through her we are extended through the generations. It is only through her that we live again, and again, and again. It is only through her that we continue to move toward the true perfection that Allah (God) desires for His creation. She is the cornerstone of the family and therefore is critical in the whole process of nation and world building. ' - Minister Louis Farrakhan

 This June 9th event at the Wisconsin Black Historical Society Museum, features...WMCS 1290 Talk Show Host Earl Ingram of the 'Evening Rush' will moderate a panel discussion on men and violence against women and girls. Poetry Unplugged co-founder, Kwabena Antoine Nixon, Poet/Writer, Muhibb Dyer and recording artist, Gat Turner will deliver original spoken word floatry. Men... you don't want to miss this event!   Donation is only $5.

This program is sponsored by Muhammad Mosque #3 and Asha Family Services, Inc.

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