Friday, June 15, 2012

7 Year Old Gang Raped!

A 7 year old girl Gang Raped??!!

Some stuff is just unbelievable! Read this story! These are somebody's daughters!!! This story says that a 15 year old girl was invited to a party in a housing complex and the 7 year old girl tagged along for the "safety" of the 15 yr old...... "At the party, the 15-year-old starting having sex with several men for money and then gave the younger girl (7 year old) some cash to let a group of men touch her as she looked on, police said. It soon escalated to rape and the men threatened to kill the child if she screamed or told anyone, according to police." Are these girls so worthless they can be used and abused and just tossed aside??


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  1. This particular story of sexual assault and rape is not recent but it is relevant. This one happened in 2010, but don't let that broadside you because this same situation is continuing today in cities across the country.


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