Sunday, June 17, 2012

Parents Allegedly Kill Daughter's Pimp | Breaking News for Black America

Parents Allegedly Kill Daughter's Pimp | Breaking News for Black America

Calvin Sneed

Interesting piece from News One for Black America! This is one of those "hummm" moments. I don't have all the specifics on this but it seems this guy pimped the wrong man's "daughter". Clarification questions come to mind, however what I can say is that at some point in time, violence, abuse and the mistreatment of women and girls must end because it is in our best interest as human beings.

The father of the pimp said, “Call him a pimp. Call him a gang banger. Paint the picture as worse as you want, he said to CBS News. “The fact of the matter is, he didn’t deserve to die. That’s the bottom line.”  Also, the pimp's father does not deny that his son "may have" pimped the teenager.

So much of what is done to women and girls is at epidemic proportions because there are few or minimal consequences and it seems no one really cares. The community itself has to say enough is enough... and be compelled to action. People must hold these men accountable and particularly MEN in African American and other communities of color must say this type of behavior stops and make such parasites know that this will NOT be tolerated and hold these men accountable.  

They (the pimps and wannabes) have to understand that they will NOT be allowed to take no ones daughter out of their community and put them into bondage (drug dependency, fear or fake dreams) on a pole, in a porn video or prone! I ask the men...what do you think of this story? What if it was your teenage daughter or your neice?  Btw...there are a large percentage of men and boys who are incarcerated for murder that actually killed someone for doing harm to a woman they loved and these are not necessarily categorized as such.

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