Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Convicted Pimp Sentenced to Life in Prison

Convicted Pimp Alex "Cowboy" Campbell received a "Life Sentence" for Trafficking. He beat, raped and tortured women into prostitution.  His "ego" was his undoing.

Chicago Tribune Annie Sweeney reports on the sentencing:   U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman recounted how Campbell forced the women to be tattooed in highly visible places — horseshoes stamped into their necks or in one case... a 13-line, 60-word homage to Campbell down a woman's back. Somethings are just outrageous!

"I think the worst thing you did to these girls, frankly, is branding them the way you did," Gettleman said before imposing a life sentence on Campbell. "They can't get rid of those tattoos. … They have a life sentence, all of them. Every time they look in the mirror. … And it's gonna hurt. Their life sentences compel a life sentence for you."

Justice is served!!

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