Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Someone's LIFE depends on your VOTE!

Your VOTE can mean the difference between all women having protections from violence, abuse and trauma or not.

VAWA protections for all victims has been under a sustained attack. The failure to pass the Senate version of VAWA continues to put lives in jeopardy. The passing of VAWA was deliberately held up. 

Your Vote is Your Voice!

There are some people who do not believe all women are worthy of protection. They also believe that there are some batterers and violators of women that should not be held accountable!!

These same people hope that pouring floods of money in to support a different agenda, that President Obama will be replaced. If their tactics succeed, they know they will be able to roll back protections contained in the Real VAWA. The Real VAWA, the Senate version of VAWA holds all abusers of women accountable for their actions and the Real VAWA says all women must be protected.

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