Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sister Circle Groups EVERY THURSDAY - Miss Celie's Blues)

In my Shug Avery voice..."Sistah, you been on my mind, oh Sistah, we two of a kind..."

WHEN:   Sister Circle Groups meet every Thursday from 5:30pm to 7pm.

WHERE:  Sistahs' Cafe & Deli - 3717 W. Center Street * Milwaukee, WI

**(Sistahs' Cafe & Deli is the job training and job development component of
      Asha Family Services, Inc.)

Sister Circle Support groups are culturally relevant to African American and other like women. This includes: Those women living with abuse; those who have escaped it AND those who want to support them. Sister Circles provide healing with tools and skills for daily living including: safety planning, counseling, advocacy, education, finances/budgeting, healing, journaling and more. 
 Do you know a woman who is trapped in or has survived Domestic Abuse? Sexual Abuse? Emotional/Psychological abuse?
Sex Trafficking? Incarceration? Substance Abuse? HIV/AIDS?
Tell her she is not alone! Take her by the hand and bring her to Asha Family Services’s Sister Circle Support Group. There is HEALING from abuse!  At Sister Circles, you can learn what you can do to help save a Sistahs life!
Be Informed!

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  1. Ladies you are simply amazing! This evenings group was awesome...I am so full and amazed at your giving,caring and strength in the midst of so many competing life challenges.


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